Shaping the way people do business

XNotes Alliance is a technology company and member organization that provide business-driven, currency agnostic and energy-efficient enterprise class blockchain-based solutions. We empower organizations to run more efficiently and more securely while reducing costs.

  • Configurable Permissioned Blockchain

    XNotes has been designed to be configurable and extensible. It empowers issuing entities to create and disseminate their specific asset classes or their specific tokens of value denominated in their specific units of account. XNotes also provides issuers with full accessibility control accross the transaction process.
  • XNote, an electronic secure envelop

    An XNote is a versatile electronic secure envelope that holds a transactional structure defined by an asset class or a unit of account registered on the network. It can contain a simple transaction record with a set of values and quantities, a deed of ownership or a complex agreement with conditioned payment terms.
  • XNet, the Real-Time Transaction Network

    XNet is a decentralized and highly scalable network designed for real-time transactions from the ground up, with built-in reliable broadcast capabilities and low latency propagation time.
  • XNotes Pulse, a Decentralized Timestamp System

    XNotes introduces transaction validation and verification based on the concept of “Proof-of-Existence” as a much more sustainable alternative to the CPU-intensive “Proof-of-Work” and the controversial and practically complicated “Proof-of-Stake”.
  • XNotes Distributed Ledger Storage System

    XNotes Technology provides a truly distributed storage system that persists transaction data and makes the relevant parts reliably available for any node at any point in time. There is no need for each node to replicate and store the entire book of transactions.
  • XNotesKit, the Software Development Kit

    With XNotesKit, the XNotes SDK, financial institutions, corporations and developers can stay focused on what they do best and easily create on-demand access to their services that can be instantaneously deployed globally on XNet. XNotesKit is the simpliest way to fully take advantage of XNotes Technology.

Be ahead in the new sharing economy

XNotes Alliance offers one focal point and voice for the users and supporters of the XNotes Technology on all cross-industry Financial Technology issues, driven by a single vision.

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